MOOD, Museum Of Outstanding Design   2022-06-26

MOOD, Museum Of Outstanding Design

Winning an acclaimed design award comes with many perks and secures increased visibility for an artist's work. Recently, I had the honor of receiving the Bronze A' Design Award in the Arts, Crafts, and Ready-Made Design category for Throbbing Stilness, one of my vessels exploring abstract concepts and existential questions.

It was the second stop in my sculpture's journey from the moment it left my studio—the first was Milan Design Week—and a significant nod of appreciation for a piece that encapsulates my philosophy and approach as an artist.

The award came with the opportunity to have Throbbing Stillness featured in the 2022 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Exhibition of the Museum Of Outstanding Design, AKA MOOD. 

The MOOD is a subsidiary of the A' Design Awards, a moving museum of international art and design that organizes temporary exhibitions in unique venues in various countries every year, starting from Italy.

So, being part of a MOOD exhibition means that Throbbing Stillness will keep traveling, and my work will be exposed to diverse audiences and different outlooks on art and design. Hopefully, this will open more exciting opportunities and fuel my explorations into the infinite conceptual possibilities of my art.