Ceramic lessons for children   2017-10-26

Ceramic lessons for children

While working in educational programs for children in museums, introducing them to the art of sculpture, I clearly saw that clay has a natural appeal and children really enjoy working with it.


Clay is an easy medium to manipulate, it has a variety of qualities and textures that can easily be transformed from one to another. It can feel cold or warm, wet or dry, smooth or rough. The possibilities are endless but once children have an idea about what they want to create, their little hands get to work. Children pinch, punch, roll, flatten, tear, squeeze, coil, stretch, scratch, twist and bend the material. Through this process children find creative ways and strategies to manifest their ideas.  At the same time working with clay becomes a whole body experience which encourages both large and fine motor development. In addition working with clay is a multi-sensory activity that offers stimulation to the nervous system. All these provides an opportunity for free expression to arise.


To support my teaching as a ceramic art teacher for children, I have attended a series of seminars in creative drama play, in art psychotherapy.